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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ASIFA(INDIA) - International Animation Day @ Hyderabad.

Woow...what a great weekend i had....Participated in ASIFA-IAD, attended master classes from Ed Hooks and MaxHoward and lots of fun....Here am posting some photos from the day....

From my presentation on making of the ShortFilm "Feel The Punch" in ASIFA-International Animation Day 2010 Hyderabad.

A Great moment in ma life....with the great acting teacher and Hollywood actor
Ed Hooks(Author of Acting for Animators).

With MaxHoward - Former senior vice president at WaltDisney Feature Animation,Former president of WarnerBrothers Feature Animation and Executive Producer @ DreamWorks Animation. Currently President at Exodus Film Group.This photo was taken when he visited our studio last week....


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